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tv   Watters World  FOX News  August 20, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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jones, gouy benson and our studo audience. i love you, america. starts right now. chlorred watters' world is on tonight. donald trump hitting hillary clinton where it hurts. >> she is against the police, believe me. >> he recognizes but is it enough to lift trump to victory? plus, urban chaos obama is on martha wine verdict. >> are you you on drugs? and i will go back to medevial times in search of scholars. do you know where benghazi is? >> pakistan be, india.
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>> and crashed the do min cal can day parade. >> who do you vote for in november? >> trump. >> welcome to watters' world. fighting climbate change is hard work and the president needs a rest. he's holed up in the voin yard playing golf and so i found a great way to visit the vineyard to assess the president's legacy. first, we have to do something. oh, man, no. no one will recognize me now. >> you feel cooler? >> not necessarily. >> nice weather out here tonight. >> i love it out here. >> i love it out here, too. >> president obama on the vineyard on vacation how dew feel about that? >> i don't give a bleep bloep.
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>> the president is back in town. what is he up to? >> plays golf. >> just like he does when he is not on vacation. >> that's correct. >> what does he need for the restaurant. >> he worked hard. >> reading a teleprompter is taxing. >> if we, if we, >> and tell me what you think the president's legacy will be? >> change you know. >> change for the worse? >> no change for the good. >> i think he's going to deputy down as one of the great presidents that this country ever had. >> are you on drugs? >> i am not on drugs, but i am on fox. i think you spend a lot of money to make us fairly average. >> he introduced health care. didn't he say health care prices are going down and now they are up? >> i don't know whether he said that. you are saying that.
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>> you don't trust me. >> no, i don't trust you. >> it is admirable that he tried to make affordable health care. >> too bad it didn't work with. >> i know. >> what is the president's signature accomplishments have been. >> he recently released like hundreds of people from jail. >> sending criminals in the streets are a good thing. >> notes inially that. you are good. >> and president obama's administration riddled with scandals. >> obama is not confronted with one. >> what about fast and furious and irs and benghazi. >> fast and furious started by bush. >> when will it not be bush's fault? >> never. >> internationally what is the president's legacy? >> he helped to make everyone rise to the point where they compete with us. and allowed us to look weak in
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the eyes of other nations. >> osama bin laden going down, i appreciated that? >> thank the seals for that one. >> thank you, seal ises. >> the iran deal was not a good deal and we'll rue the day when we gave iran a permission to create a nuclear arsenal. >> he is awesome. >> and tell me what the president did so awesome. >> like his daughters growing up in the white house. >> harder than dealing with isis is dealing with two girls at home? >> potentially. >> that is good. >> one thing i like to say, i will miss his political correctness in the way he presents himself. >> you like political correctness. >> i do. >> you you will love trump. >> you are so politically correct and beautiful and look at you. ah. >> the vineyard is terrified of
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donald trump and the vineyard underestimates the chances of being elected because no body on martha vineyard said they will vote publicly for donald trump. >> you know who i am? >> i don't know. >> i have no idea who you and are i don't care. >>im watters', and this is my world. >> hi, watters' world. >> that was a lot of fun and that is a real assessment for the terms. first, jobs. despite president obama's claim he created millions of jobs. 14 million americans dropped out of the labor force. the labor participation rate is so low, we haven't seen it sense the '70s under carter. 53 check. people are making less money now
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than when president obama took office. and he promised to reduce the health care 2500. health care premiums increased $4,000. and government dependency, for instance food stamps, sky rocketed and up 36 percent and homeownership down, and worse of all, the president has nearly doubled the u.s. national debt from 10 trillion when he took office to $20 trillion. now to be fair, this is not all the president's fault. there are many long- term economic factors that play a role. but president obama had both house was congress for the first two years and he got everything he wanted to get done and he made a lot of promises. >> generations from now, we'll be able to look back and tell our which were this was the moment we provided care for the
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sick. and jobs for the jobless. this was the moment when the lives of the planet began it heal. >> i don't think the planet is healing much. >> the stock market is out standing probably because of the federal reserve. wall street has gotten richer and main street has not. foreign policy front. biggest supporters say he has underperformed. the southern border is a mess. the president pulled back border practice tol and stopped the fence construction. there are multiple terrorist attacks. there were many intelligence failures that led to massive loss of life. russian and chinese and iranians
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are all on the rise and traditional allies like france and israel no longer take america support for granted. and the president takes credit for killing of osama bin laden. isis has pursued in europe. and eight years after president obama, the american people are less wealthy and less safe. hillary clinton will be president obama's third term. donald trump will tie hillary clinton on a policy record. she would have a tough time defending this onslaught. coming up, donald trump, the come back. we will analyze and later we will analyze and later watters'
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>> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. i have done that. and believe it or not, i regret it. and i do regret it. particularly where it may have caused personal pain. too much is at stake for us to be consumed with these issues. but one thing i can promise you this, i will always tell you the truth. [applause] >> a little contrition from donald trump. that must signal that the campaign is on a come back but is it enough to win? joining me now cohost of the five. kimberly and cohost of fox and
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friends and host of kilmede brian. brian wanted to make sure he got enough talk time. >> i said i would be introduced first. >> it is over now. >> keep it for now. >> because women talk too much or just me and is there an apology after that? >> that's right, all you are good for. and in all seriousness donald trump and like the a a deal. the first step you apologize and second step you apologize for all of the pain and suffering. what does this seginal to you. >> kim and i have never been to an a a meeting. >> i actually have. >> i never seen him have a week like this. and single handedly the speech he had on thursday was the best speech of the entire election cycle for me. marco rubio to bernie sanders.
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it was written, sure but it was his voice. everyone has professional speech understood his message and got in there and what is great, he's addressing the african-american community. he may not get a vote, but he's saying i care about everybody. >> he's nimble now, when you see the new's cycle turn to his favor. he went to milwaukee on a drop of a hat and now going to louisiana to talk to the flooding victims and show concern while the president is out there continuing to work on his chipping and putting. and what does that say to you, that donald is more flexible when it comes to moving around the campaign. >> you say nimble and he's learning and growing as a candidate and he's showing he's presidential and wants to earn the trust and respect and vote of americans out there. and i wouldn't call it a pivot. it is a growth attorney and he
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seized the moment. >> and they have produced a great new ad. >> one ad. that is news. >> only ad. and we'll take it. >> look at. it >> hillary clinton's america the system stays rigged against americans, syrian refugee flood in and illegal imglants convicted of crime stay and collected social security benefits and skipping the line. our board open and more of the same but worse. donald trump's america is secure. terrorist and dangerous criminals kempt out. our borders secure and change that makes america safe again. >> i am donald trump and i approved the message. >> a slick contaft adand professionally done and ties in immigration with national security. effective or not. ? >> yeah. i was in pennsylvania and a state he wanted to win. and also with hillary clinton
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attack ads. >> you see a lot of make america great. >> in certain situations they will roll it out and waiting for the audience to diminish after the olympics ended. and governor huckabee because kimberly was dropping names but governor huckabee said you have to match the attack on the medium whether it is radio or television or social media. >> he can't respond with sf instagram ads. >> this is good. and looks like this is serious business. and this guy is in it to win. it was a strong week for the trump/pence campaign. he has done more with less. and crunch time. you really want to make america great again, get the swing state
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votes. >> that's right. >> and against all of my good judgment. we'll have you back and have kim back for the next segment. coming up. ryan lochte's olympics saga continues. and dominic an day parade. >> it start the interview with a firm handshake. ay,no! don't do that! try head & shoulders instant relief. it cools on contact, and also keeps you 100% flake free. try head & shoulders instant relief. for cooling relief in a snap. like their photo claims tool. it helps settle your claim quickly, which saves time, which saves money. and when they save, you save. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance, an allstate company. click or call. esurance does insurance a smarter way, which saves money. like bundling home and auto coverage, which reduces red tape, which saves money.
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>> welcome back. ryan lochte is in hot water. the newly silver haired swimmer has been up to no good.
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he told reporters that after a night of partying he and three other swimmers were are robbed. that was contradicted by closed circut video including the gas station where they are accused of vandalism. it is dubbed watergate. who is telling the truth and what does it mean for ryan lochte back here in america. he's lying and the hillary clinton of the olympics. do you feel bad for him. >> you are a little bit of a hatter. >> we love him. >> and oh, my god that was liar, liar speedo on fire. >> i don't know what happen. obviously it was a problem. they say that tape is edited and you have one of the swimmers hit with a 10, 800 fine and that was a shakedown. in brazil that is how.
8:22 pm
you don't do the time you pay the fine. >> they shakedown our olympics swimmers, that is not a good thing. i would get john kerry and the ambassador and it can't stand. >> it is it a pro american story. it is a good point. it is nationalistic. and i worriy and as a former contest. the gold and silver, there was a first memail wrestler. for 100 hours we swamp athletes and live to get paid to get the medals because ryan lochte has 12 or 14 and shows immaturity and loy about it and leave his teammates holding the bag. >> i am sure. and i can't believe that people believed ryan lochte in the first place. look at him. look at. this
8:23 pm
>> i was so happy my mom was there. i just blanked out, i guess. >> worst reality show. >> he is an american and our american bowl. >> and i think he is pay for like a time mate and fine. i think it is horrible that the guy had to pay it all you up. to be a team player and share the medal. >> now he's back here in america killing it with the ladies. >> and matt lauer did big foot billy. >> i love billy bush. >> speaking of rio, i was on the beach and asked the people what they think of the candidates, here it is. >> what do you think hillary's good qualities. >> she has a nice smile. >> vua thing for hillary? >> she's been in politics and white house for a long time.
8:24 pm
>> she's a lifelong politician. >> tell me hillary clinton's qualities are! applying. >> she is a female trying to do something a man did. >> are you voting for hillary. >> wow. >> what do you think hillary's bad qualities are? >> she's a liar. stone cold liar. corruption. and we don't want a feminist as commander in chief. >> girls are hormonal all of the time. >> i am glad i didn't say that. >> what do you think that trump's good qualities are? >> he's opinionated and uncorruptible. >> he's funny. >> he's a businessman and knows how to deal with money. >> she's needing a better to youpee. >> it is my hair. >> it is not there. and so, at least she seems some
8:25 pm
what season. >> have you heard her bark like a dog? >> you rather have a liar as president than a trump. >> his problem is he says things that people don't want to say themselves but might be thinking. >> he's like the drunk president? >> yeah. >> are you going to vote in november? >> i don't believe i will be blowing. i don't care for either. >> what will you do on election day? >> i will be at the beach surfing. >> all i hear is tasting waves and cool buds and i am fine. >>im watters' and had this is my world. >> there you go. right after the break. watters' world will assess what the media has not told you about the hillary clinton campaign.
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the devastation from the deadly flooding in louisiana is still unfolding. state officials say some 60,000 homes have been damaged. more than 100,000 people applied for federal aid. meanwhile, some folks are trying to rebury their loved ones. louisiana health department says the widespread flooding disturbed tombs and graves in at least 15 cemeteries. possible tornadoes slammed western michigan causing extensive damage. the storm which stretched up to 20 miles ripped through homes damaging vehicles and uprooting trees. at this hour at least 20,000 people are still without power. luckily state police are reporting that no one was hurt that we know of right now. o to fox
8:30 pm
♪ welcome back to watters' world. the conventional wisdom is that donald trump had a rough patch for the past couple of weeks, but the media hid questions about hillary clinton's health and her ability to performat a high level. she's had helped getting up the stairs and propped up with pillows and 68 years old and history of blood clots and coughing. what is that about. and the barking. we all know the barking and just general goofiness. i myself do not continued. further hillary clinton's schedule is very, very light.
8:31 pm
she hasn't done a press conference over 260s days and first week of august she took almost every other day off. is she hiding something. and the clinton foundation working closely with the state department. trafficking in favors for friends and donors, what do you hear about that? and the justice department under the obama administration killed the fbi probe in the clinton founding a. but the chinton foundation has been hacked and we could see more of this in october. maybe even a surprise. other horrible head lines from hillary. the father of the orlando terrorist showed up at her rally. and she was slapped with a lawsuit for defamation and i will let hillary clinton speak for herself. >> so i know what we can do together.
8:32 pm
how are we going to pay for. it i tell you how. we are going where the money is. we are going after the super wealthy and the corporation and wall street and so they pay their fair share. >> get used to that, ladies and gentlemen. and with me now washington times columnist madison and senior political strategist jessic. hillary is supposed to be be a strong and independent woman. why does she need help from the media and obama justice department and hollywood and her husband. >> on behalf of the people supporting her physically. >> yes, not only does she need physical support and political and emotional support and more than support she needs people running damage control. a lot of these things are not
8:33 pm
covered in the mainstream media. why is that fair? >> i don't know that a lot has been singing. i hang out at fox too much. that photowas from february when she was on the stairs and jumped near someone came to the stage. >> jumping over the person over. >> got out there to save his fans. >> and if her schedule is lighter, it is because she is winning and she doesn't need to be be out on the trail every day. she works hard. >> you are saying that she has that wrapped up? >> no, i don't. >> she can take every other day off in august. >> august is the slowest month for the political season. >> she needs her rest. >> every lady needs beauty prep and arrest. i am not saying what she is going on. donald trump is doing donald
8:34 pm
trump. >> donald trump continues to stick to the script. and read prompter and i think the media will look in the vacouple and pay attention to hillary. >> and i did the trump tower climber was covered for six minutes on the evening newscast. but the clinton foundation pay for play e-mails was covered 30 second ises a minute. that is showing you how unfair it s. >> absolutely. what is unfair is not that they are are not covering her health or the clinton foundation. we have 165 billion to 20 countries that donated. some say coins and i say not. we'll see and hear more about it in october. >> hillary's never asked about the headlines. was she asked about the 400 million payment to the iranians and her actual v, candidate tim
8:35 pm
kaine saying that politicians that get caught cheating on their wives should resign. and the current death spiral that is taking place in the obama health care. >> she's not asked about the controversial issues and the biggest thing we are concerned about she would lie as she does with so many other things. >> i thought you were reasonable. >> i am 100 reasonable when it comes to her health. i don't agree that are slamming her on her health and i don't think that is what the campaign should focus. >> she has a doctor's letter out. there dr. drew went out and slammed her and said you people are couple din shpt run. >> arkansas is not acceptable to doctor drew. and the doctor said donald trump
8:36 pm
is fitness person to run for history for president. >> and yes she is 68 years old. things happened but she would not take on that responsibility if she was just going to croak in a year or two. >> and is the media treating her with kid gloves because she is a woman or democrat. we'll find out. coming up, watters' world goes to the renaissance fair. and first the dominican parade. >> can you show me (lionel) ♪it's peyton... ♪it's peyton on sunday mornings.♪ (peyton) you know with directv nfl sunday ticket you can watch your favorite team no matter where you live. like broncos or colts. (cashier) cool. (peyton) ah...18. the old number. ooh. i have got a coupon for that one.
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it's the whole package. no one's done this. crest - healthy, beautiful smiles for life. ♪ >> watters' world never misses an opportunity to go to a parade and watters' world is an open minded person. i heard the dominic an day parade was going downtown, i had to follow. ♪ if the cubans are famous for
8:41 pm
cigar and the what are the dominic an famous for. >> we drink. and you guys are really celebrating or just looking for girls. >> i am doing both. >> can you teach me dominican dance move. >> shake it. >> that is poppy chulo. >> i have no idea what you just said. >> and that is the latino vote very, very powerful in the election. >> everybody has to vote. >> are are you going to vote for president in november? >> no. hell no. >> who are you going to vote for. >> better than trump. trump don't experience. >> you are a very nice person. >> hillary has more experience. >> she messed things up.
8:42 pm
>> okay, >> i vote for hillary clinton because she represents first the woman. >> still couldn't represent woman, too? >> you like hillary girl power. >> but she's really bad. >> shame on you. >> you don't like trump. >> what about hillary? no. >> what about me. >> yeah. >> who are you voting for in november? >> trump. >> so many times that say maybe be things are close to the truth but not the way to say it. but to be be honest, he doesn't know what he wants. and he doesn't know how to make up his mind either. >> most men don't. >> i am 100 percent that i am 0 percent certain that i know what i am going to do. >> that is feisty. and how are latinos going to vote in november. and how engaged are they? >> and joining me is dr. gina.
8:43 pm
and fox news contributor and democrat strategist julie and former miss california usa trump supporter kerry. >> and we are talking about the latino vote. you have experiences with donald trump in an emotional way. you hear he is a mean guy and doesn't like latinas. >> i had a personal friendship with donald trump when i was miss california. he stood up for me at a time when it was not popular to stand up somebody who was outspoken about being politically incorrect. he speaks for the majority of the people in this country and how they feel. and as far as the latinos go, i think he will win them over. >> you really do? >> i think that they want job security and they want you know, as far as putting a wall up.
8:44 pm
what kind of country doesn't have borders. we don't have country if we don't have security. >> we don't have olympics oirth. >> and to call him race ichlt. donald trump is not a racive. he married a immigrant for god's sakes. i don't buy it? >> you think the donald can rebound from the terrible numbers with latinas when he talks about safety and jobs and values? or do you think he's too long gone in that demographic? >> i think the things that donald trump talks about economic and national security that's why people immigrate. i live in a mostly hispanic neighborhood and mexican immigrants and right on the boarder and san diego, and i can tell you jesse, they won't say it out loud and don't talk it at their parties and they whisper to me, i am supporting truch.
8:45 pm
>> this is it scientifically very, very accurate. you can extrapolate that. >> you i love how you refer yourself to watters' world goes to a parade. watters' world goes to the parade. >> was unbelievable. refer to yourself. bob deal likes peanut but the i. >> world wants to know. you saw the latinas at the parade didn't seem that engaged some for hillary clinton and some in to trump and what do you think? >> 20 percent with latinos and polls don't matter and crowd size does for trump. and for those of us polls do matter and latinos don't seem to like trump. maybe because he said judges rule against him. that is a tad racist.
8:46 pm
>> but donald trump apologized. >> to who? >> for everything that he said that might have caused pain and suffering. >> i too apologize to anybody i might have ofended here fox news. i will not say what for. napology accepted. >> worst thing they can come up with. source he. you can't compare the two. hillary clinton appeals to latinos when she keeps hot sauce. talk about the double standard, julie, romney had an illegal now his lawn and he got killed. hillary clinton is hiring illegal immigrants for her campaign and they say nothing. >> here is the other thing. it is a national security issue and i talk to latinos i know, they say we don't want people
8:47 pm
that are not vetted coming across our border. they are certained -- court reportered about that. hillary clinton said nothing how to protect us from people who want to kill us coming across the border. it is not like hispanic people don't have children to protect to. >> she was running for senate and president, she didn't want driver's license for illegalses and now hiring them to work on the campaign. >> how dew hire a volunteer. >> you have to have some paper work. i know you don't like it. >> i never had a volunteer. come on in and answer the phones. you can't give money! shooshgsy will so cheap she will keep the money for herself. >> coming up. watters' world at the renaissance fair and do you know hillary clinton vp. hillary clinton vp. >> he
8:48 pm
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so "watters' world" wanted to go back to the medieval times. we couldn't go back east so we headed upstate new york for the renaissance fair. take a look. ♪ >> there's a fellow here by the name of jesse watters. >> welcome, friend, welcome. >> look at your dimples. your cheeks are lazy. >> oh. >> bull's-eye. >> one, two, three, four.
8:52 pm
>> one of your finest ales. is that where you put the tip? >> yes. that's my treasure test. >> you do cry a lot? >> i do cry a lot. do you know what the news is? >> no. >> we're doomed. ♪ >> you're the sheriff around here, is that correct? >> that is correct. >> if hillary clinton breaks a lot of laws, what would you do to her? >> like everyone else, she would be punished and cents sent to the salt mines. >> my name is little john. >> they call me big jesse. what do you do on a regular
8:53 pm
basis. >> steal from the rich, give to the poor. >> you're a democrat. ♪ we're men, men in ties, we rob from the rich and give to the poor, that's right ♪ >> how do you think i would fair in the big world? >> well, big jesse, think you'd have your moments as well. >> are you following the race? >> a little bit. >> are you excited for the race? >> sure, if that's what you want to call. >> it do you know who hillary picked as a vp in. >> no. >> who is it. >> jim tagget. >> who is he? >> a gymnastics. >> it rhymes with bane. >> kaine. >> what do you know of trump? >> i want to rip his hair off.
8:54 pm
>> do you know who trump's v.p. is? >> mike pence. >> do you know who -- >> obama got caught paying $400 million, do you know to which country? >> iraq. >> libya. >> iran? >> you're on fire. do you have any idea who i am? >> no. >> i'm watters and this is my world. >> really. wow. i'm so impressed. >> i'm watters, and this is my world. how embarrassing. julie, gina, and kerry are back with us. what was the highlight for us? >> your miami vice look with the pop color. it was like 1980s --
8:55 pm
>> i know. i thought we were going back to the 1480s. >> but it was the 1980s. i do that have camels in medieval england? what was the camel doing there? >> i don't know. i can't answer that question. >> i'll have to consult my history book. >> what do you think of my history? >> i think it was awesome, jesse. >> "watters' world" or big jesse. >> "watters' world." >> anything you learned from that segment? >> maybe if we drank more and rode camels we might be more chill. >> they'll probably write in big jesse. donald trump trying to get some free publicity from "watters' world." what's that about? the roses are blooming in herbal essences
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donald trump, as if he didn't need more publicity. take look at this, donald trump trying to get free press off my name. >> get him out, get him out. that was quick. that was quick. you know, they had on television -- i was leaving and they showed a couple of protesters. watters, a good guy, jesse, but they interviewed a couple of people, so why are you here? i don't know. >> it's big jesse, donald trump, let's get it straight. all right. remember to follow me on facebook and twitter and instagram. coming up next, justice with
9:00 pm
jeanine, and remember, i'm watters and this is my world. right now on "justice,". >> the poorest places in our country will no safety and peace again. >> law and order in america, how do we get it back? i'll ask donald trump myself live right here tonight. and you can't miss it. >> what you do have to lose? then the creator of the movie, "hillary's america" with some eye-opening facts about the democratic party, the history that democrats don't want you to know. then -- >> they call him the ugly american. i think he


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